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Psychological Testing for ADHD in Tennessee and Michigan

“Why can’t I focus on anything? This is SOOOO frustrating!” “Ugggh!! I just forgot everything I read. Now I have to read it again.” “Man, why do I keep misplacing my phone?” “What are mom or dad going to do when they find out I haven’t started on my big school project? Crap!”

Do any of these sound familiar? Have you or your child been struggling with things such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, focusing and remembering? Maybe these aren’t big issues, but you feel like you’re always on the go – as if driven by a motor – or suffer from “foot-in-mouth” disease. If so, you might be one of millions of Americans who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. (ADHD) You see those words “Attention Deficit” and “Hyperactivity?” These words have been combined into a phrase which means that some people only have problems with things like attention and concentration while others are just overly active and impulsive. Still, others display all these symptoms. Whatever the case, they can wreak havoc on relationships, school and work performance and normal daily activities. Maybe this is something you can relate to.

How long have you been thinking about being tested for ADHD (or having your child tested for this condition)? Most people put it off for a while – in fact, for years in some cases. You know what’s interesting? The old thinking was that people outgrow ADHD once they reach adolescence, but research has demonstrated that 40 – 50% of people who displayed symptoms of ADHD as kids will continue to experience these symptoms into adolescence and adulthood. When I first started my practice most of the clients I evaluated for ADHD were children and adolescents. Nowadays about two-thirds are adults and one-third children and adolescents. In both cases, they aren’t as productive as they’d like to be in school, at work or in their personal lives and feel frustrated, anxious (about the consequences – or potential consequences – of not getting things done) or even defeated.

The nice thing about having me evaluate you (or your child) for ADHD is that it’s a simple and quick process – meaning one appointment – that’s it! Here’s what’s involved:

  1. I will send you a link from my electronic health record system to complete registration and history forms prior to your appointment. If I am evaluating your child, then - with your permission - I will contact their teacher so they can provide me with information regarding their perceptions of your child in the classroom.
  2. Appointment day:
    • Testing in the office: If you are in driving distance of Murfreesboro then I will meet with you at my private practice office.
    • Testing online: If you live far away from Murfreesboro and are a Tennessee or Michigan resident (that is at least 13-years-old) then I will meet with you online using a secure videoconferencing app. (A parent or guardian must participate in the online interview with their minor child.)

    Here’s what will happen: I will interview you (or you and your child) – meaning that I will ask you what’s been happening that made you decide to be evaluated for ADHD and find out about your background (i.e., family and school history; emotional, thinking and behavioral challenges; relationship history; health status; interests & hobbies). Then I will have you take a series of psychological tests – most of which involve completing questionnaires pertaining to your mental health. (If I evaluate your child then you and your child will both complete questionnaires.) The appointment normally lasts 2 to 2 ½ hours. I will review my preliminary findings with you (or you and your child) at the end of the appointment.

  3. Three to five days later I will upload your report to a secure/encrypted website and e-mail you directions on how to access it. The report will include the background information; my observations of you (or your child) during the interview and test session; test results; and summary, diagnosis and treatment plan (which is just a fancy way of saying recommendations or strategies to help you address the problems that brought you or your child in for the appointment).
  4. If I believe medication is in your (or your child’s) best interest then I will fax a copy of the report to your doctor IF you decide you want to go this route. If not, then that’s not a problem as I always include several pages worth of recommendations that can help you manage your (or your child’s) symptoms and behaviors. (Note: I don’t always recommend medication; it all depends on the nature and severity of the symptoms.)

So…what are you waiting for? If you live in Tennessee or Michigan and want to do an in-person or telehealth evaluation then give me a call at (615) 403-5227 to get the ball rolling. You’re an assessment away from a brighter tomorrow! : )

If you're not quite ready to schedule an appointment and would like to learn more about AD/HD or what you can do about it then check out my blog series "Focus on AD/HD."

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