“Blow Me Off, Blow A Minute”

If you are a parent of an AD/HD child how often have you felt like they have ignored you or blown you off when you asked them to do something whether it is taking out the garbage, feeding a pet, starting on homework or getting ready for bed?  It can be incredibly frustrating and sets the stage for conflict in many homes.  So what are you to do in these situations?  Next time consider telling your child that for every minute they blow you off and continue playing a video game, playing with their friends, watching YouTube videos, etc. (or basically fail to get started on something you want them to do) that that amount of time will be subtracted from the time they are allowed to engage in that activity the next day.  For example, if you normally give your child a half-an-hour to play video games – say, from 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. – and they don’t stop playing until 8:10 then that’s 10 less minutes they get to play those games or engage in other recreational activities the following day.  Although this technique sounds simple it won’t work – repeat, it won’t work – unless you are committed to 1) giving your child a “pre-warning” that they have a few more minutes to engage in the activity (or in the case of something you want them to do to get started on a task) and letting them know when their time is up/it’s time to get started on something and 2) following through on your promise to reduce your child’s play time or privileges and do so consistently when necessary.  Give it a try for a couple of weeks and see how it works!

Christopher Quarto, Ph.D., PLLC is a licensed psychologist in Tennessee & Michigan.  Do you suspect that you have Attention Deficit Disorder?  Dr. Quarto provides quick & convenient in-person and online/”Skype-like” psychological evaluations.  Click here for details.

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