Make a Mental Note podcast

Do you work out at the gym, run or take walks, or drive a ways to your destinations? If so, you might consider listening to Make a Mental Note podcasts!  Make a Mental Note is a podcast series in which Dr. Quarto interviews counselors, social workers and psychologists about things such as:

  • Common themes or stories that underlie problems people experience
  • Tips for improving mental wellness
  • Difficulties people experience in improving their mental health
  • How potential clients can select a counselor, if needed, for counseling services

Laypeople and therapists alike find this to be an interesting and thought-provoking listening experience.

Click here:  Make a Mental Note podcast

Private Practice Journeys podcast

Are you a therapist who is interested in starting or expanding a private practice?  If so, then check out the Private Practice Journeys podcast!  Private Practice Journeys is a podcast series in which four therapists who started private practices in January were interviewed once a month to learn more about the peaks and valleys of starting a practice.  Listeners will learn things such as:

  • The nuts and bolts of starting a private practice
  • Challenges of operating a private practice
  • Making the switch from employee of an agency to owner of a private practice

Click here:  Private Practice Journeys podcast

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