PPJ 008: Lisa Duez – Private Practice Journey Discoveries in February ‘17!

On this episode of the Private Practice Journeys podcast, Lisa Duez, a licensed clinical social worker, discusses what new and exciting things have happened since starting her practice last month. Give it a listen and find out why you’ll want to follow these therapists on their journeys into private practice! https://youtu.be/5uZx_fN5iNk

Learning Along the Journey

* Learning by doing – Lisa has decided to do her own billing so she can keep track of her finances. It is important to have a system in place in order to obtain information from clients for billing purposes. When clients initially call to schedule an appointment ask clients why they are seeking therapy and how they heard of you so you can keep track of this information for marketing purposes.

* Learning from experience – When first starting a practice it is tempting to schedule clients outside of times that you would truly like to see them in order to produce revenue. However, this can take a toll on you. Thus, telling clients when you have availability to see them (i.e., working within your preferred time frame) is key.

* Learning to market – Lisa has a Psychology Today profile and developed a Facebook page. Building relationships (e.g., stopping by hospitals & doctors’ offices; marketing to other therapists; going out for coffee; stopping by a school and giving them a business card) is key to marketing. People refer to therapists that they trust. Lisa plans on blogging in the future. Being strategic about marketing is important when you are first developing a practice.

* Learning about finances – Lisa believes that it is important to find an accountant to help her learn some of the financial aspects of owning a business. Also, given that private practice income is based on submitting claims or bills learning how to be disciplined in this regard is key.

* Learning about yourself – Lisa has found that she can be critical of herself, but to let that go (i.e., “chill out”) and put her energy into doing good work. “Concentrate on doing good therapy and the rest will come.”

* Learning and wisdom – Don’t lose sight of why you went into private practice…to serve your clients.

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