PPJ 010: Cindy Norton – Private Practice Journey Discoveries in March ‘17!

On this episode of the Private Practice Journeys podcast, Cindy Norton, a licensed marriage and family therapist associate, discusses what new and exciting things have happened since starting her practice. Give it a listen and find out why you’ll want to follow these therapists on their journeys into private practice!  https://youtu.be/MI8QiO8iofQ

Learning Along the Journey

* Learning to manage time – Cindy spends evenings managing her social media accounts. She also reserves two evenings a week to do consultations with couples. Cindy has set aside Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. to schedule clients (60 minute sessions with individuals; 90 minute sessions with couples).

* Learning to develop successful habits – Cindy has adopted Steven Covey’s “win-win” habit. Instead of competing with others she comes at it from the perspective that there’s plenty of clients to “go around” and it is better to get to know other therapists and find ways of collaborating with them.

* Learning how to care for yourself – Cindy’s stress signals are migraine headaches and other physical symptoms (e.g., stomachaches, feeling tired). Given that she is ever-present with her clients, Cindy has found that counseling clients is mentally and emotionally-draining work. She believes that it is important to model what she espouses to her clients by engaging in self-care practices herself.

* Learning about private practice and personal relationships – Cindy’s parents and partner have been very supportive in her new role as a private practitioner. In terms of challenges, she is sometimes concerned about not bringing in enough money and contributing equally to the household.

* Learning to develop a private practice mindset/identity – Private practice has always been Cindy’s end-goal and her “default mindset” so it hasn’t been difficult for her to establish her identity as a private practitioner/business owner. Sometimes people ask Cindy if she takes insurance or offers a sliding scale and after she sees their reactions when she responds, “No” it is challenging for her not to feel criticized or shamed. However, she plans on “giving back” by providing free workshops and providing services through Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.

Stops Along the Journey – Check it Out:

* Cindy’s website: http://avlcouplestherapy.com/

* Cindy’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AVLCouplesTherapy

* Cindy’s e-mail address: cindy@avlcouplestherapy.com

* Open Path Psychotherapy Collective: https://openpathcollective.org/



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